Atlixco Pueblo Mágico, que hacer, que comer y que visitar

The end of the year is approaching and the magical town of Atlixco in Puebla is well known in many things for its beauty and history and in a few years now it has become more renowned for its illuminated town that during the holidays

Lights up the entire town giving it even more charm also at night But not everything is the illuminated villa, so in this video I am going to show you more places that you can visit, recommendations on where to eat and

Some activities that are well worth it when visiting the magical town of Atlixco La First recommendation is to take the tour on the tourist tram. One of the cool options to visit Atlixco is the tourist tram.

It costs 120 pesos and it is very cool for you to visit all the tourist spots here in Atlixco and it is this little truck that comes Today we are going to take the tour, this tram has different routes and you can visit the ice cream factory, the Los Viveros Christmas museum,

Takes you where craft beer is produced, the wide staircase and some other points of interest while traveling through the streets of Atlixco to get to know more about its history In addition to making certain stops to buy certain typical products of Atlixco. Very good

Evening, how are you welcome to Atlixco? The yellow, blue and white building dates back to the century. It is the oldest building we have in Atlixco, for example, one of The stops on the tram are the Don Goyo craft beer factory where there is a tasting of their products.

By the way, this beer is very good and it also has beer of different flavors for all tastes and is prepared with water from the volcano’s springs. popocatepetl we are going to bring the water to one of the springs both on the tram and on foot, you can also visit the

Wide staircase here there is a huge clock decorated with flowers and its stairs since 2020 have a new image that forms a spectacular Mural del Charro de on foot and the China Atlixquense Xóchitl and Tonatiuh, the representative couple of the traditional Huey Atlixcáyotl Festival and the Calabaceo Dance.

This point is a must stop to take photos because of the beauty of the place and because it is the most popular route to visit the Ex Convento de San Francisco and these stairs are part of the path to begin the ascent towards the San Miguel hill.

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The climb is a bit heavy when you go up it on foot or you can reach it by car until almost half of the route where there is an auditorium on one of its paths. At the top of the Cerro de San Miguel is precisely the chapel

Of San Miguel with its spectacular view of the Iztaccíhuatl and Popocatépetl volcanoes. In 2023, a glass viewpoint was inaugurated and also this year the INAH, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, confirmed the existence of a pre-Hispanic temple on the top of Cerro de San Miguel, which means Just like in Cholula, when

The Spaniards arrived, they built many churches and chapels on the pyramids of our ancestors, all of this as a symbol of imposing their religion on the beliefs of our people, in short, children of their extremely invasive family.

The chapel is small but it is very popular. for all the faithful devotees who visit it daily I recommend going up early since by midday it will surely be very crowded Throughout Atlixco there are a lot of murals and urban art that are the perfect spots for a good photo

And after so much walking comes the sometimes thirst is bad and Atlixco also has its little places to quench it and for the cravings there are some very good skis prepared with grasshoppers with cochinita pibil or with marrow all this within

Many other options that you can find while you walk through its beautiful and colorful streets And to eat delicious food, my two recommendations that you really cannot miss are to eat at the Benito Juárez market. There are many options, but in my

Opinion the two best are the enmoladas with cecina or the cemitas poblanas. One of the unmissable places here to come to Eat is this this kitchen called María Bonita where they sell mole chilaquiles enchiladas tacos café

De pot a lot of things food here we accompany it with cecina which is made of avocado tortillas we are in Benito Juarez market interior food port 247 kitchen angels awaits you with

Open arms so that they can come and see the market the wide street the temple of San Francisco the clock of San Miguel the museum there is a lot to see here the go of the best Angels orders Thank you very much

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Canal Congratulations carnal Thank you very much whenever you like and my wife we ​​work As a team for you Well, we are here inviting you to Cocina María Bonita, it is already the fourth generation. We started in approximately 1952 here in this market. This past November,

The market turned 75 years old, so we invite you to come mainly to Cocina María Bonita, to the Benito Juárez market. from the city of Atlixco Puebla to taste the dishes with the original recipe of generations worth the redundancy, your son was telling us that you make the mole

Of course if you tried it it is almond so it is a little finer well expensive but it is fine no Well, if you try it you will realize Sorry, it doesn’t hurt because other moles

Eat it and it seems like they have cats in their stomachs, so this one is prepared in such a way that it doesn’t hurt a while ago we were talking about secret condiments. So that

The mole poblano does not hurt, yes, just as in the morning they tried the café de roca, then this is precisely the original recipe of the mere owner who, due to a bad name, called her María

Bonita, right now I am going to give you a menu for Let me take the photo and upload it if possible Yes yes yes And there you will see the photo in the background that she was the owner Oh perfect obviously my

Mother-in-law’s mother, my grandmother, started and later, well, she took care of my wife and now my children because we didn’t have pure male daughters but they like cooking it’s good that’s the best of all and the best of all is that we continue with the same

Recipe the same flavor from always it’s very delicious, yes They are still coming for breakfast tomorrow we make champurrado of rice pudding and coffee and tamales Ah perfect and you will see that

You are going to like them too Yes tomorrow we will go around with pleasure we will wait for you thanks to your orders And for dessert you cannot miss a ice cream at the artisanal ice cream factory that are also undoubtedly delicious. In addition to the fact that it is a very

Nice place to spend a very comfortable time or have a good coffee. Throughout the year Atlixco offers a lot of activities but there is no way to explore its streets since everywhere you find beautiful places to take photos or to buy

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A souvenir of this magical town Also known as Atlixco de las flores Another good option to visit is the Municipal Palace of Atlixco located right in the center of this magical town. The Municipal Palace inside has enormous murals that tell in their paintings a large part of the history of Atlixco.

The entrance to the municipal palace is completely free and without a doubt it is well worth knowing. As in all of Puebla, Atlixco is full of churches, parishes and chapels. very beautiful to visit, one of the most popular and unmissable is the parish of Santa

María de la Natividad located in the Zócalo next to the municipal palace. This parish began to be built in 1644 and has been repaired after suffering some damage after the earthquake 2017 throughout Atlixco there are many lodging options for all budgets.

I recommend that you book in advance since for Christmas and New Year this magical little town is usually packed with so many people who visit it to walk its streets with the illuminated town. In addition to There are also many options for restaurants, cafes

And bars that offer a wide variety of food and drinks for all tastes. In the center of this magical town there is a kiosk that is not typical of any park since this is a cafeteria of The Italian Coffee Company, you would think that Italian Coffee Company is a

Foreign brand but it is 100% of Puebla origin and this kiosk completely lined with tiles was built in the mid-20th century and is part of the history and tradition of Atlixco, this kiosk has two floors and on the second there is a

Terrace where you can have a coffee or a frappe or pastry while You have the view of the beautiful gardens that surround it as you see. Atlixco is a magical town full of places to see, plus it is the closest town in a straight line to the

Popocatepetl volcano, so it offers a spectacular view of this active volcano. For everything This and much more if you want a good option for a weekend or to spend the holidays, the magical town of Atlixco in Puebla is an excellent option that will undoubtedly leave you wanting to return.

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