Puebla Travel Guide | My Favorite Pueblo Mágico in México, Tlatlauquitepec.

Travelers welcome to Expedition MX my name is Guillermo Martinez and today I will show you my favorite Pueblo Mexico in Mexico My three most to visit artists the first one is La Cascade booksland this waterfall was my first contact with this place for me this sound this male the water and its feeling staying here helps you to heal it’s a place to connect to feeling nature and return to yourself

If you are looking for a place to feel free and renovated that Loki has everything you need four hours far away from Mexico City this beautiful place called tatlauki de pet is located a little difficult to pronounce this name but you get used to it once you spend more time here

Otherwise you can only call that Loki to these magical place Thank you the second place that I saw yesterday adventure trip is something you can find in this place for example rappling zip lines and even Crossing at dividend Bridge You don’t need to be an expert to carry out these activities I must confess that my first rapper was here and the view is impressive so also this can be your first time trying if you are a lover of zip lines here you can also leave this experience A well-kept secret of this place is that you can find aquatic animals fossils such as Turtles and ammonites inside the Rocks as a reminder of this place hidden in the sea obviously we are talking about a world from so many years ago even though tatlauki is located 3 000

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Meters above the sea level thank you From the moment I met at La Wikipedia I realized that the people who live there are the base of this place furthermore it’s traditional foods and the coffee are two things you can’t miss this place forms part of Sierra North de pueda and it’s near to other Pueblos Mexico

That share some similar geography characteristics but each place is unique and different And finally La Presa de la solidar you can spend a peaceful date admiring the beautiful right I two amazing waterfalls the first one is and the other one is if this information was interesting for you and you are in Mexico City contact us and it could be a pleasure to

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